Weeks 8 & 9: Recap of the Garbaaage Bowls I & II...

Rudy & Ray return to recap the Garbaaage Bowls I & II. We start with a recap of a humiliating Week 8 loss to the AZ Cardinals… (00:00) Then we quickly jump into the “Baby Boomer” rivalry between the 49ers and Raiders. (10:28) Next we go over the debut of Nick Mullens and the final Battle of the Bay Game. (14:45) We also discuss the satisfaction a win brings to Sundays and then we look ahead to the Garbaaage Bowl III: NY@SF! What do you think of Nick Mullens debut? Do you feel the rivalry between the Raiders and 49ers is still alive? Who are your first two locks for the playoffs? Let us know:

Mullens Shanahan.jpg