About Me...

I’m an entertainer. Dog owner. All around cool guy. 

I’ve acted in films, commercials and on stage. I am the executive producer of a successful sports podcast. I wrote and published a graphic novel with one of the largest comic book companies in the country. I even spun on my head for ten years as a professional breakdancer.

Sounds crazy, right? My philosophy is simple: you only live life once. Why not chase all the biggest dreams you have?

With big dreams comes lots of hard work. I am a proud graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where I was also a company member. From my paleo diet, boot camp classes and weekly acting workshops, I am a strong believer that consistent work creates success.

I strive to always deliver the best of what I have to offer when working on my latest project. I’ll never forget an audience member coming up to me after performing Caliban in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The gentleman said, “That was the best Caliban I have seen and I just saw this play performed at The Globe in London…”

That is the impact and passion I bring to the table. Great stories are infectious. Let’s tell one together, shall we?