Week 10: Warriors Drama. Niners Drama. Drama for your mama. (ep. 122)

Brothers Rudy and Ray Solis are back for another episode of your favorite San Francisco sports podcast: The GoldCast! We start with the Draymond-KD fight that is dominating the sports world right now. Topics include: Draymond’s treatment of teammates, how KD’s signing would’ve been viewed had this team been Lakers or Celtics, and KD’s looming free agency. (00:00) Then we dive into NY@SF… Topics include: Robert Saleh’s defensive schemes, the team’s inability to close out games and what must done to improve the team next year. (25:58) Finally, Ray closes out with a preview of 49ers vs. Buccaneers. (39:15) What say you? Is Draymond justified? Do you think KD signs with the Warriors in the summer? Do we need to move on from Robert Saleh? Let us know: