Weeks 8 & 9: Recap of the Garbaaage Bowls I & II...

Rudy & Ray return to recap the Garbaaage Bowls I & II. We start with a recap of a humiliating Week 8 loss to the AZ Cardinals… (00:00) Then we quickly jump into the “Baby Boomer” rivalry between the 49ers and Raiders. (10:28) Next we go over the debut of Nick Mullens and the final Battle of the Bay Game. (14:45) We also discuss the satisfaction a win brings to Sundays and then we look ahead to the Garbaaage Bowl III: NY@SF! What do you think of Nick Mullens debut? Do you feel the rivalry between the Raiders and 49ers is still alive? Who are your first two locks for the playoffs? Let us know:

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#100: 100th Episode Extravaganza!!!!

The 100th episode of The GoldCast is finally here! First off, we want to give a huge thank you to all our listeners. We could have never gotten here without you! We start off with introspective about the history of The GoldCast and why we started this podcast in the first place. (00:00) Then we go over the 49ers free agency acquisitions. (7:30) We then discuss the Raiders current standings in the offseason. (13:30) Last, we talk about all the injuries to the Warriors and the difficulty of getting a 4th straight championship this year. (19:00) How do you feel the 49ers did in free agency? Do you agree with the picks? Will Gruden succeed in OAK this year? How confident are you that the Warriors will get back to the Finals this year? Let us know!


#92: I.T. Returns: What's it mean for the Warriors?

The GoldCast is back with the our 92nd Episode and the very first pod of 2018! First up, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 look at the return of Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs how that benefits the Warriors in the long run. (00:00) Then, we discuss the return of Steph Curry and his immediate impact on the game. (8:05) Last, we wrap up with Rudy's visit to LA Coliseum, Raiders fans getting their come uppance and final stats for Jimmy Garoppolo. (13:25) What are your thoughts on the return of Isaiah Thomas? Does he help or hurt the Cavs chances of winning another title? Let us know:


49ers: Draft Grades for US & our rivals...

BOOM! We are back with a HUGE draft review episode! Brothers Rudy & Ray Solis are joined by Lewie B, Pete Zimmer, high school football coach Koy Thomas and Chicago diehard Max Marsh. We open with the controversial first round trade between the Niners and Bears... (00:00) Next we look at the Raiders decision to draft Gareon Conley with Reuben Foster still on the board. (16:30) Then we follow that up with the Rams first pick in the 2nd round, (25:34), general grades for the Niners, Raiders, Rams & Bears, (33:03) and debate whether or not the Niners "won" the draft. (Hint: they did.) (39:00) What do YOU think? Share your thoughts on our FB Page, Instagram or YouTube channel!


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Raiders to Vegas... Warriors rise against the Spurs.

After a week hiatus the GoldCast returns! Rudy Solis 3rd is joined by San Francisco socialite, Pete Zimmer, to discuss the NFL approving the Raiders relocation to Vegas. (00:00) Next, they discuss the Warriors current dominance versus the Cavs recent struggles... (24:00)

Championship Sunday Recap!

The GoldCast crew recaps Rudy Solis 3rd's most dreaded weekend: Championship Sunday. (00:00) Then they discuss the worst kept secret in the NFL: Kyle Shanahan becoming the HC of the Niners, the Raiders impending move to Las Vegas, and if Kirk Cousins is cut out to be the next 49ers QB... (14:00)

Championship Sunday will determine the fate of... The Niners?!

Old Man Davis returns to discuss his final journey with the Raiders this season. (00:00) Then the GoldCast Crew goes over Rudy Solis 3rd's favorite playoff round: The Divisional Round! From Aaron Rodgers brilliance to KC's ineptitude to the beautiful dismantling of the Seahawks, they discuss it all. (8:30) They then look ahead to Championship Sunday and discuss the major ramifications of a Green Bay or Atlanta loss this weekend. Could we be getting a new GM or Coach next Monday? (23:30)

New Year. New GoldCast. Here. We. Go!

The GoldCast returns for the first podcast of the year! The Niners season has come to a disappointing end, and Rudy & Ray start by examining what might be Kaepernick's last season as the 49ers QB. (00:00) They then go over the huge news of York's firing of GM Trent Baalke and Head Coach Chip Kelly. (7:30) From there, they go over the potential candidates the Niners are interviewing and then look ahead at a rough weekend of Wild Card games... (24:00)

Plight of the Faithful

Rudy laments over his stunning loss in the 1st round of his Fantasy League & debunks regifted articles from Bleacher Report with Ray. (00:00) Then they discuss the current playoff standings and debate over their final two predictions. (8:20) Next, they discuss the ass whooping delivered by the Atlanta Falcons and what it means to be a 49ers Faithful in 2016. (22:00) Finally, they wrap up with the Vegas Odd for Niners @ Rams. (29:00) 

The Final Days of Jed York?

The GoldCast Crew talks about the stunning rumor of York's reassignment. (00:00) Then they discuss the Raiders loss to the Chiefs, the Rams firing of Jeff Fisher,  and the Giants upsetting the Cowboys. (9:30) Then they recap the Jets game and the crazy amount of injuries this Niners' team has. (17:00) They wrap up with playoff predics and the unbelievable spread of this week's game against the Falcons. (20:30)

Niners Offense & the Kansas City Kool-Aid.

We begin with a discussion about the rising 49ers Offense, Kaep's fantasy value, and drafting a QB next year. (00:00) Then we look at the Seahawks and their place among the current top 4 best teams in the league. (12:30) Next we have a lively debate about Chiefs vs. Raiders. (21:00) We finish with playoff predictions and Vegas odds! (32:00)

Baalke Blame. Raiders Rise. Playoffs Loom...

Trent Baalke blames himself for the team's season long struggles and the GoldCast talks about it like we were there with a special guest. (00:00) We then discuss the dominance of a Raider team that refuses to be denied. (8:00) Then we wrap with our 3rd round of playoff predics (25:30) and wrap up with the Vegas odds against Miami. (aka MeeYeahmee!) (34:00)

57 Minutes of Football...

The 49ers put together 57 min of football and almost upset the Cardinals in AZ. (00:00) Next we discuss the resurgence of the Seattle Seahawks as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. (13:00) Then we look at the battle for 1st in the AFC West (18:00), make our next round of playoff predictions (23:00) and finish with our Vegas odds for New England @ San Francisco! (29:00) 

Chip Chip Hooray?

We quickly recap the game because it was ugly. (00:00) Chip announces he's staying (7:00), we check in on the NFC West and then discuss whether or not we want the team to tank for a QB or win out of pride. (13:00) This is followed by some AFC West talk (Just win, baby) and our annual playoff predictions contest. (23:00) Last we look at the BRUTAL Vegas lines for next week. (29:30)