NBA Finals Game 5: San Francisco vs. All of Canada

The GoldCast is back with another jam packed episode! Today I discuss the Game 5 hangover of great win coupled with the loss of Kevin Durant. I recap Game 5, give my reaction to the KD injury, Bob Myers presser, Game 6 and much more! Do you believe the Warriors can force a Game 7? Will KD resign with the Warriors? Let us know:
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49ers injury curse. NBA Finals preview!

The GoldCast is back! Rudy Solis 3 is here to break down all that’s happening in Bay Area sports! First up, I go over the injuries already piling up for the 49ers… (00:00) Next, I preview the NBA Finals and the Warriors quest to win 3rd championship in a row with their record setting 5th straight Finals appearance. (14:30) Please check out Solmon Thomas’ walk to help build awareness to suicide prevention. You can find more info and donate here. And I will be donating $1 for every dunk made in the NBA Finals to Dunk on Cancer. Really great organization trying to help cancer research. What is your prediction? Who do you think wins the NBA Finals? Warriors or Raptors?! Let us know:

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Warriors Rockets GM 4. 49ers off season news. Kentucky Derby Challenge.

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3rd, San Francisco’s first son, the professor of fanalism, is back. Class is in session. Let’s go! First up, I review a frustrating, but inevitable Game 4 that saw the Rockets tie up the series. (00:00) Then I go over some Niners news and hand down a Kentucky Derby Challenge to Jimmy G. (13:35) I end with an infamous story about my one and only Kentucky Derby experience… (18:15)
Do you think the Warriors will Game 5? Can Jimmy G pass my Kentucky Derby Challenge? Let us know:
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Warriors clinch. Playoffs Bracket. Lebron trolling. (ep. 139)

We are back with another jam packed episode of The GoldCast! Today we are Warriors central! First up, we discuss the Warriors clinching 1st place for what could be the last time for this version of the team. (00:00) Next, we discuss the NBA playoff bracket as it currently sits. (08:05) Finally, we end with a discussion about Lebron and Lakers missing the playoffs that quickly devolves into the us trolling Lebron… (16:21)
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Willis & Smith Hall of Fame? KD vs. The Press. Listener Comments! (ep. 132)

BOOM! We are officially into our second week without football this year and while your hosts, Rudy & Ray Solis, miss it so, there is still plenty going on in the BAY! First up, we discuss Patrick Willis and Justin Smith’s 2020 eligibility into the Hall of Fame. (00:00) Next, we discuss KD’s most recent altercations with the press. (15:20) We follow that up with some listener comments and end with a general discussion about what’s happening in Bay Area sports right now. (24:40) What are your thoughts? Do you think Willis and Smith belong in HOF? Did KD’s outbursts give you hope that he might stay in the Bay? Let us know:
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Week 13: 3 Positive 49ers Takeaways, 3 Reasons to watch the Warriors

Week 13 is in the books, thank heaven. But San Francisco natives, Rudy and Ray Solis, are back with three positive takeaways from our latest drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. (00:00) Then, we each give you three reasons why you should watch the Golden State Warriors once the 49ers season ends. (15:30) After, we continue with our annual “Playoff Predics” and end with a preview of 49ers vs. Broncos! (29:41) Now that the season is almost over, who stands out for you on the 49ers squad? Let us know!


Week 12: Niners Bucs, Reuben Foster, Warriors Bounce Back (ep. 123)

Rudy and Ray are back from a gluttonous Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, the Niners did not return in stride… We review the Bucs thrashing and also look ahead towards the draft because it’s that time of the freaking year again. (00:00) Next, we discuss the cutting of Reuben Foster before the Bucs game, (19:20) the Warriors bouncing back (22:59), and SF at Seattle. (28:50) We close out the pod with a look at the playoff picture. (32:30) What would be your first pick in the draft if you were the GM of the Niners? Were you worried about the Warriors after the fight? Will the Niners win any of the games in their upcoming “Bloodbath Bowls”? Let us know:


Week 10: Warriors Drama. Niners Drama. Drama for your mama. (ep. 122)

Brothers Rudy and Ray Solis are back for another episode of your favorite San Francisco sports podcast: The GoldCast! We start with the Draymond-KD fight that is dominating the sports world right now. Topics include: Draymond’s treatment of teammates, how KD’s signing would’ve been viewed had this team been Lakers or Celtics, and KD’s looming free agency. (00:00) Then we dive into NY@SF… Topics include: Robert Saleh’s defensive schemes, the team’s inability to close out games and what must done to improve the team next year. (25:58) Finally, Ray closes out with a preview of 49ers vs. Buccaneers. (39:15) What say you? Is Draymond justified? Do you think KD signs with the Warriors in the summer? Do we need to move on from Robert Saleh? Let us know:

#111: Warriors "reboot." Lebron's best chances. Niners almost BACK!!

SF Natives, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back to discuss the Warriors Draft and their attempt at a soft reboot of the bench. (00:00) Then, they discuss Lebron's possible next stops, (16:15) how dreadful this time of year is for sports, (25:50) and the impending return of the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS!!!! (31:20) What say you, GOLDCAST NATION?! You ready for the Niners to be back or what?! Let us know:

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#110: WARRIORS DYNASTY! Giants NL Race...!

The Golden State Warriors have cemented their legacy as the newest DYNASTY in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rudy and Ray discuss this incredible era for San Francisco Bay Area Sports: 8 Championship appearances, 6 Rings, 2 Dynasties... What a ride! (00:00) Next, we talk about the Giants and their tight race for 1st Place in the NL West. (23:00) And much much more! What are your thoughts on the Warriors Dynasty? Let us know!


#108: Warriors Stay Alive, Fan Anxiety, Game 7 Preview

Boom! The GoldCast is back, but today Rudy Solis 3 is here with a special guest: YOU. That's right. Ray Solis 1, the greatest fanalyst in the game, was unable to make tonight's recording due to previous commitments. Tonight discuss Games 5-6 and the upcoming GAME 7. Topics include: pessimistic texts to Ray before Game 5, the anxiety Conference Finals brings, expectations of San Francisco Natives who are sports fans, thoughts on Game 7 and much much more. As promised, I turn the questions to YOU: What are your thoughts on Game7? What did you think about Game 6? Are you an SF Native?! If so, hit us up!


#107: Warriors Rockets Tied! :(

So here we are. Games 3 & 4 of the WCF have happened and the Warriors - Rockets are tied 2 games a piece... Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 of Super Solis Bros. fame are back to break down all the action... We go over gaining confidence, losing confidence, what the hell happened in the last 11 seconds of Game 4, Steph Curry, Iguodala going down and if that should even matter when you have FOUR MORE ALL-STARS on the team... That and much more! What are your thoughts? Did losing Iguodala hurt us that much? Can the Warriors win Game 5? Let us know:

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#102: OBJ a good idea? How deep can Dubs go? Giants opening series!

The Super Solis Bros. are back with a hot pod to step to. First up, we debate whether OBJ to the Niners is a good idea or bad idea, the character issues surrounding him, the Rams player issues, and if either of us would really want him on the team. (00:00) Next, we discuss a playoff bound Warriors with KD, Klay & Draymond through the first two rounds and how far they could go without Steph. (13:45) Last, we discuss opening weekend for the Giants and their turbulent matchup with the Dodgers. (20:25) What are your thoughts? Think the Niners should trade for OBJ if they have a chance? How far can the Dubs go in the post without Steph? Giants opening series: a sign of things to come? Let us know: