Bowman Retires a 49ers. Warriors tie up Raps, but who will play Game 3?

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3rd, your professor of fanalism, is back and class is session. Let’s GO! First up, I go over Navorro Bowman’s announcement today that he is retiring as a 49er. I discuss his most iconic play and heartbreaking injury. (00:00) Then, I go over a wild and rough Game 2 against the Raptors. Warriors have evened the series, but what happens from here? (08:59) Let GoldCast Nation know what you think is going to happen in Oakland! Warriors go up 3-1? Raptors go up 3-1? Or do Warriors-Raptors split the series? Let us know:
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Warriors Blazers Sweep Instant Reactions!

Warriors sweep the Blazers and in the process, continue their historic run to a 5th straight NBA Finals. Rudy Solis, your professor of fanalism, is here and ready to break down this tough, OT win on the road in Portland. (00:00) Then I go over the Bucks Raptors Game 3, Jalen Hurd, where I watch games, and Joe Montana’s place in the pantheon of greatest QBs ever. Now that the Warriors have come this far without KD, do you want to see him on the team next year? Let us know:

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Warriors Rockets GM 4. 49ers off season news. Kentucky Derby Challenge.

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3rd, San Francisco’s first son, the professor of fanalism, is back. Class is in session. Let’s go! First up, I review a frustrating, but inevitable Game 4 that saw the Rockets tie up the series. (00:00) Then I go over some Niners news and hand down a Kentucky Derby Challenge to Jimmy G. (13:35) I end with an infamous story about my one and only Kentucky Derby experience… (18:15)
Do you think the Warriors will Game 5? Can Jimmy G pass my Kentucky Derby Challenge? Let us know:
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Warriors Clippers Gm1. 49ers Draft trade? Listener comments! (ep. 140)

Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st are back with another jammed packed episode of THE GOLDCAST! First up, we discuss all the action from Warriors Clippers GM 1 and Rudy going into Playoff Mode. (00:00) Next, we address the rumor that the 49ers could trade draft picks with the Raiders. (14:40) And last, we respond to listener comments! What do you think? Should the 49ers swap picks with the Raiders?
Let us know:
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Warriors clinch. Playoffs Bracket. Lebron trolling. (ep. 139)

We are back with another jam packed episode of The GoldCast! Today we are Warriors central! First up, we discuss the Warriors clinching 1st place for what could be the last time for this version of the team. (00:00) Next, we discuss the NBA playoff bracket as it currently sits. (08:05) Finally, we end with a discussion about Lebron and Lakers missing the playoffs that quickly devolves into the us trolling Lebron… (16:21)
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Antonio Brown. Rams route? Warriors countdown. Lebron watch. (ep. 133)

BOOM! Welcome back to the GoldCast! This week, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss Schefter’s report that Antonio Brown will indeed be traded. (00:00) Then we discuss whether or not the 49ers should go the “Rams route” this off season. (00:00) Next, we talk about the Warriors momentum going into their final 25 games of the regular season and discuss whether or not Lebron and the Lakers will make it to the postseason. What are your thoughts? Does AB get traded before, during or after the draft? Should the 49ers go the “Rams route” this offseason? How many games do you think the Warriors will win in these last 25? Do you think Lebron makes it to the post? Let us know:
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Willis & Smith Hall of Fame? KD vs. The Press. Listener Comments! (ep. 132)

BOOM! We are officially into our second week without football this year and while your hosts, Rudy & Ray Solis, miss it so, there is still plenty going on in the BAY! First up, we discuss Patrick Willis and Justin Smith’s 2020 eligibility into the Hall of Fame. (00:00) Next, we discuss KD’s most recent altercations with the press. (15:20) We follow that up with some listener comments and end with a general discussion about what’s happening in Bay Area sports right now. (24:40) What are your thoughts? Do you think Willis and Smith belong in HOF? Did KD’s outbursts give you hope that he might stay in the Bay? Let us know:
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49ers flashbacks. Oakland. AB drama. Welker. Warriors. Bryce Harper to the Giants?! (ep. 131)

Rudy and Ray are back with their post Super Bowl episode of The GoldCast! First up, we discuss the flashbacks this Super Bowl gave us. (00:00) Next up, we go over the 49ers blocking the Raiders from playing in SF, the Antonio Brown drama and the hiring of Wes Welker. (14:00) Then we switch gears and check in with the Warriors and Boogie Cousins. (38:40) Finally, we end with the rumor that the Giants are in talks with Bryce Harper?! (45:00) What do you think? Were the 49ers right in blocking the Raiders from playing in San Francisco? Wes Welker a good hire? Is this Bryce Harper rumor much ado about nothing? Let us know:


Super Bowl & the 49ers. AD trade impact. New coach hires. (ep. 130)

BOOM! Rudy and Ray are in the building to break down all the news and show you how it always relates to the teams you care about in the Bay. First up, we discuss what impact the Rams and the Pats have on 49ers legacy if they win the Super Bowl and then give our final picks for the game. (00:00) Next we discuss the AD trade request and what impact it has on the two teams that want him most: the Lakers and the Celtics. (30:33) Last, we go over the new coaching hires the 49ers made. (41:27) So what say you, GoldCast nation? Who do you will you be rooting for in the Super Bowl and why? Where will AD end up if he is traded before the deadline? What do you think of the new coaching hires? Let us know in comments:


Championship Sunday & the 49ers. Boogie's debut! (ep. 129)

San Francisco natives, brothers forever, Rudy & Ray Solis return to discuss a wild Championship Sunday and all the ways it ties into the 49ers… (00:00) Then we discuss the triumphant return- and subsequent ejection -of Demarcus Cousins…! (29:00) What are your thoughts? Who, as a 49ers fan, will you be rooting for on SuperBowl Sunday? What did you think of Boogie’s return? Let us know:


2019: Niners Season Review, WildCard Weekend, Warriors WTF?! (ep. 127)

Rudy and Ray Solis are back with their very first GoldCast of the year! First up, we examine the 49ers tumultuous 2018, ask the tough questions and look ahead to the draft. (00:00) Next, we discuss a great WildCard Weekend. (36:00) Last, we wrap up with a look at the inconsistencies of the Warriors this season… (43:00) What say you? Who from the 49ers is on the hot seat in 2019: Shanahan? Lynch? Saleh? Jimmy G? Sourdough Sam?! Do you think the Warriors have enough to make it back to the finals? Let us know:

jimmy g and team'.jpg

Week 13: 3 Positive 49ers Takeaways, 3 Reasons to watch the Warriors

Week 13 is in the books, thank heaven. But San Francisco natives, Rudy and Ray Solis, are back with three positive takeaways from our latest drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. (00:00) Then, we each give you three reasons why you should watch the Golden State Warriors once the 49ers season ends. (15:30) After, we continue with our annual “Playoff Predics” and end with a preview of 49ers vs. Broncos! (29:41) Now that the season is almost over, who stands out for you on the 49ers squad? Let us know!


#111: Warriors "reboot." Lebron's best chances. Niners almost BACK!!

SF Natives, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back to discuss the Warriors Draft and their attempt at a soft reboot of the bench. (00:00) Then, they discuss Lebron's possible next stops, (16:15) how dreadful this time of year is for sports, (25:50) and the impending return of the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS!!!! (31:20) What say you, GOLDCAST NATION?! You ready for the Niners to be back or what?! Let us know:

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#110: WARRIORS DYNASTY! Giants NL Race...!

The Golden State Warriors have cemented their legacy as the newest DYNASTY in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rudy and Ray discuss this incredible era for San Francisco Bay Area Sports: 8 Championship appearances, 6 Rings, 2 Dynasties... What a ride! (00:00) Next, we talk about the Giants and their tight race for 1st Place in the NL West. (23:00) And much much more! What are your thoughts on the Warriors Dynasty? Let us know!


#108: Warriors Stay Alive, Fan Anxiety, Game 7 Preview

Boom! The GoldCast is back, but today Rudy Solis 3 is here with a special guest: YOU. That's right. Ray Solis 1, the greatest fanalyst in the game, was unable to make tonight's recording due to previous commitments. Tonight discuss Games 5-6 and the upcoming GAME 7. Topics include: pessimistic texts to Ray before Game 5, the anxiety Conference Finals brings, expectations of San Francisco Natives who are sports fans, thoughts on Game 7 and much much more. As promised, I turn the questions to YOU: What are your thoughts on Game7? What did you think about Game 6? Are you an SF Native?! If so, hit us up!


#107: Warriors Rockets Tied! :(

So here we are. Games 3 & 4 of the WCF have happened and the Warriors - Rockets are tied 2 games a piece... Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 of Super Solis Bros. fame are back to break down all the action... We go over gaining confidence, losing confidence, what the hell happened in the last 11 seconds of Game 4, Steph Curry, Iguodala going down and if that should even matter when you have FOUR MORE ALL-STARS on the team... That and much more! What are your thoughts? Did losing Iguodala hurt us that much? Can the Warriors win Game 5? Let us know:

warriors rockets.jpeg

#105: Warriors Dominate. Dwight Clark Reunion. Giants Rolling?

The Super Solis Bros. are back! First up, we discuss the Warriors domination of the 2018 NBA Playoffs and debate the media fuss over Draymond Green's text to KD after the Pelicans loss. (00:00) Next, we discuss the emotional reunion held for Dwight Clark at Eddie Debartolo's ranch in Montana... (18:54) Then, we take a look at the SF Giants strong finish to April and great start to May. (31:06) Last, we end with a small tribute to Dwight Clark... (35:38) Also, we at the GoldCast Nation want to give all of our love, blessings and thank you's to everything Dwight Clark did, and continues to do, for the San Francisco 49ers and The Faithful. We can never thank you enough for your contributions to the team. Thank you, Mr. Clark. You can read the SI article by Chris Ballard here. You can see the entirety of the 1981 NFC Championship Game here. What are your thoughts on the Warriors current run? Is Warriors vs. Cavs 4 inevitable? How did Eddie D. get the goalposts out of Candlestick?! Do you feel the Giants have enough to get through May? Let us know:

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#103: Who would you draft? Plus, Warriors Spurs and Giants!

Boom! We are back with the questions of questions: If YOU were the 49ers GM, who would you draft? Rudy Solis 3 drops a couple scenarios on you to test you skills... (00:00) Next, we go over the Warriors Game 4 collapse against the Spurs and what it means going forward... (31:00) Last, we take a quick look at the SF Giants! (43:00) So who would YOU pick if you the 49ers GM?! Let us know:


#99: Richard Sherman Reactions! Plus: Can the Warriors take the West?

NUMBER 99 IS HERE! 99th episode of the GoldCast is here. WOW. Thanks for all the support! Big thanks to all of the support over the years. GoldCast Nation is THE BEST.
First up, brothers Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss the shocking news of Richard Sherman joining the 49ers. Wow. Still digesting this... (00:00) Next up, we discuss the Warriors missing a big opportunity to take the lead in the west this weekend. With the Warriors now being 1.5 games back, we ask: Can the Warriors take the West? (19:30) What are your thoughts? What do you think about Richard Sherman joining the Niners? Is the new Rams secondary something we should be worried about this year? Can the Warriors take the West? Does it even matter? 
Let us know:

Sherman as a Niner.jpg

Shanahan Says NO Playoffs, Warriors Post All-Star Break, Joe vs. Tom is back!

Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back to talk the week in Bay Area sports! First up, the Brothers' Solis weigh in on Kyle Shanahan saying the 49ers will most likely not go to the playoffs this year. (00:00) Then, we go over the Warriors, Cavs & the rest of the big teams road to the Finals, post All-Star Break. (09:03) Last, we debate certain media members saying that Brady's recent SB loss puts Joe Montana back in the conversation of being the G.O.A.T. (20:00) What are your thoughts? Will the 49ers go to the playoffs? Who is the biggest threat to the Warriors getting 3 rings? Is Joe back in the conversation for the greatest of all time? Let us know!