49ers flashbacks. Oakland. AB drama. Welker. Warriors. Bryce Harper to the Giants?! (ep. 131)

Rudy and Ray are back with their post Super Bowl episode of The GoldCast! First up, we discuss the flashbacks this Super Bowl gave us. (00:00) Next up, we go over the 49ers blocking the Raiders from playing in SF, the Antonio Brown drama and the hiring of Wes Welker. (14:00) Then we switch gears and check in with the Warriors and Boogie Cousins. (38:40) Finally, we end with the rumor that the Giants are in talks with Bryce Harper?! (45:00) What do you think? Were the 49ers right in blocking the Raiders from playing in San Francisco? Wes Welker a good hire? Is this Bryce Harper rumor much ado about nothing? Let us know: