Klay Thompson, The Understated Warrior

With only 4 games left in the regular season, Klay Thompson leads the Warriors with 41 points to a resounding victory over the Timberwolves. Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis break down the understated Klay Thompson and look ahead to the final stretch of games. (00:00) Then they go over the SF Giants opening games, (24:30) the A's new marketing strategy, (31:00) and end with a recap of Wrestlemania... (33:38)

Draymond too loose a cannon? Plus, why 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG.

This week's GoldCast begins with a mid-season review of the Warriors (00:00) and the big question after last week's ejection: is Draymond still too loose of a cannon? (8:00) Then Rudy and Ray break down why most 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG. (15:00) Next, Rudy reviews going to his first Monday Night Raw (28:00) and Ray closes out with his thoughts about the Niners new DC... (33:00)

KD returns to OKC... Thank you, Tom Rathman...

Kevin Durant and the Warriors make their triumphant return to OKC and the game did not disappoint! Brothers Rudy and Ray break down all the action for you. It got HEATED! (00:00) They follow this up with a conversation about Lebron and the Cavs: just how in Lebron's head are the Warriors right now? Melo the answer? (12:00) Next up is the breaking news that Tom Rathman is leaving the 49ers coaching staff... (21:00) They close out with a little review of Elimination Chamber. (27:45)

John Lynch is our new GM?! Plus, SuperBowl prop bets, Warriors & Royal Rumble!

Lewie B joins the Solis Brothers for another round of the GoldCast! First up: In typical shocking fashion, Jed York hires John Lynch for the GM position... (00:00) Next Lewie breaks down his thoughts on Kirk Cousin's possible venture to the Niners (21:00) and the Rams hiring Sean McVay. (29:00) Then the Crew go over SuperBowl prop bets and make their predictions on who will win next Sunday. (35:30) They wrap up with a quick discussion on the Royal Rumble and the Warriors complete dismantling of the Clippers. (45:30)