Warriors Unite. Lebron Wins. Final days of Bochy?

BOOM! The GoldCast is back! So much to talk about. Jordan Shappell, actor, writer, coach and diehard Warriors fan joins us to talk NBA. First up, we discuss the 201 million dollar man: Steph Curry and his road to greatness. (00:00) Then we get into NBA Free Agency: Rockets, OKC, Clippers, Celtics and how Lebron once again wins the summer... (14:00) Then we have an in-depth discussion about the Giants and Bruce Bochy... What are your thoughts? Did Lebron win the summer? Is Bochy nearing the end? Let us know!

KD returns to OKC... Thank you, Tom Rathman...

Kevin Durant and the Warriors make their triumphant return to OKC and the game did not disappoint! Brothers Rudy and Ray break down all the action for you. It got HEATED! (00:00) They follow this up with a conversation about Lebron and the Cavs: just how in Lebron's head are the Warriors right now? Melo the answer? (12:00) Next up is the breaking news that Tom Rathman is leaving the 49ers coaching staff... (21:00) They close out with a little review of Elimination Chamber. (27:45)