#92: I.T. Returns: What's it mean for the Warriors?

The GoldCast is back with the our 92nd Episode and the very first pod of 2018! First up, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 look at the return of Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs how that benefits the Warriors in the long run. (00:00) Then, we discuss the return of Steph Curry and his immediate impact on the game. (8:05) Last, we wrap up with Rudy's visit to LA Coliseum, Raiders fans getting their come uppance and final stats for Jimmy Garoppolo. (13:25) What are your thoughts on the return of Isaiah Thomas? Does he help or hurt the Cavs chances of winning another title? Let us know:


KYRIE TRADE! What does this mean for the Warriors?

Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd & Ray Solis 1st are back to discuss the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade between Boston and Cleveland! (00:00) Topics include: Big winners from the trade, Isaiah's defensive liabilities, what Kyrie brings to Boston, who comes out of the east and what this means for the team most likely waiting for them: THE WARRIORS. We end with the announcement of JT The Brick leaving 95.7 The Game and the brilliance of Greg Papa. (34:32)


GoldCast NBA Playoff Preview!

The GoldCast is here with a huge NBA Playoff Preview, from the perspective of the BAY AREAAAAAAAAA, of course! We start off with the Warriors and the West (00:00): Who has the best chance of making it to the Western Conference Finals to face the Warriors: Spurs or Rockets? We also discuss the decline of the Spurs and rise of the Rockets, with a little bit of talk dedicated to the rest: OKC, Memphis, Los Angeles, Portland and Utah.  Then we take a look at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron's most uncertain road back to the Finals since the 2014 Heat. (25:45) We talk about Ray and Bill Simmon's agreed prediction that the Cavs don't make it back this year: the Raptors and Celtics ability to upset, the Wizard's spoiler potential, the possibility of refs conspiracies in the playoffs and much more. Let's goooooo!