The Warriors-Spurs game that wasn't...

BOOM! The GoldCast is back droppin' bombs on your mom, f#$% car alarms. First up, we start off with a weigh-in on Kerr's decision to sit the the big four against the Spurs on Saturday night. (Spoiler alert: we support it) (00:00) Next, we discuss how we feel about Myles Garrett, Leonard Fournette, and Ruben Foster being drafted by the Niners. We end with a quick rundown of the Niners most recent free agents... (19:00)

HOT TAKE EDITION: Brian effing Hoyer?!

BOOM! We are back with a HOT TAKE Edition of the GoldCast. Today's Hot Take Debate: "Is Brian Hoyer a good acquisition for the 49ers?" We go civil war on you: Rudy v. Ray. Brother v. Brother. (00:00) Next we break down all the 49ers goodness happening right now in free agency. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been BUSY. (21:51) We then end things with a quick recap of the Celtics win over the Warriors at Oracle this week and the playoff race between the Dubs and Spurs... (30:20)