Niners Block. Antonio Brown trade scenario. Divisional Round! (ep. 128)

SF Natives, Rudy and Ray Solis are back with another hot GoldCast to step to! First up, we discuss the Niners blockade against all interview requests for their position coaches. Then we get into a Antonio Brown rumors with a trade that we think might actually work… Last, we discuss the divisional round and look ahead to the NFC/AFC Championships! What are your thoughts? What is a fair trade for Antonio Brown? Who do you have going to the SuperBowl? Let us know:


Niners Offense & the Kansas City Kool-Aid.

We begin with a discussion about the rising 49ers Offense, Kaep's fantasy value, and drafting a QB next year. (00:00) Then we look at the Seahawks and their place among the current top 4 best teams in the league. (12:30) Next we have a lively debate about Chiefs vs. Raiders. (21:00) We finish with playoff predictions and Vegas odds! (32:00)


With the Warriors adding a 4th title to the Bay Area in five years, the GoldCast asks: 
1. How bad does the 49ers loss SuperBowl loss hurt now? Would you make a deal with the devil and trade any rings back?
2. Next: Do the announced retirements of the 49ers spell their end? The GoldCast doesn't think so!
3. DEBATE: Manziel says no to money fingers, but how long will the good boy image last? The GoldCast debates which week, and how, Manziel will fall off the wagon!