Week 6: Heartbreak in Lambeau (ep. 119)

Raymond Solis 1 makes his triumphant return The GoldCast this week! First up, Rudy and Ray recap the tough loss to the Packers. (00:00) We have an in-depth discussion about the CJ Beathard: the good, the bad, the frustrating. Then we go over Robert Saleh’s defense and ask the question on many people’s minds: Are we sure Robert Saleh is good? What are your thoughts? How do you feel about Robert Saleh’s play calling? Is CJ Beathard the real problem? Let us know:


WK3: Greatest TNF Game of all Time (almost)

BOOOOOOM! Wow! What a game. Frustrating, but the future of the NFC West was laid down tonight. #brickbybrick SF Natives, 49ers Faithful, Brothers to the end, Rudy Solis 3rd & Raymond Solis 1st are joined by their LA co-host Lewie B to go over this crazy ass game between the Niners and Rams. Topics include: Hoyer's bounce back, the competency of Goff, CB Robinson and the undisciplined play of the 49ers D, how much the Seahawks hate each other, the future of the NFC West and much more! 
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Draymond too loose a cannon? Plus, why 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG.

This week's GoldCast begins with a mid-season review of the Warriors (00:00) and the big question after last week's ejection: is Draymond still too loose of a cannon? (8:00) Then Rudy and Ray break down why most 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG. (15:00) Next, Rudy reviews going to his first Monday Night Raw (28:00) and Ray closes out with his thoughts about the Niners new DC... (33:00)