Rudy Solis 3rd returns with special guest, fellow 49ers diehard Matt Manak, to break down the upcoming 49ers Draft from the Bay Area FAN perspective!!! First, we go over Matt Maiocco's top 3 picks from NBC Sports Bay Area's 49ers Draft preview. (00:00) Then we go over Manak's Top 3 picks and why he thinks Leonard Fournette, RB from LSU, deserves to be among them. (12:30) From there we discuss options if we trade the #2 pick (19:00) and our QB options both inside and out of the draft for this year. (27:00) 
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The Warriors-Spurs game that wasn't...

BOOM! The GoldCast is back droppin' bombs on your mom, f#$% car alarms. First up, we start off with a weigh-in on Kerr's decision to sit the the big four against the Spurs on Saturday night. (Spoiler alert: we support it) (00:00) Next, we discuss how we feel about Myles Garrett, Leonard Fournette, and Ruben Foster being drafted by the Niners. We end with a quick rundown of the Niners most recent free agents... (19:00)