WK8: Jimmy G! Astros Win!

The Super Solis Bros. are back and in full effect! Apologies for the late pod. Rudy 3rd was traveling for the past couple weekends. This week we cover the explosive news of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and while it is exciting, the GoldCast Nation & 49ers Faithful cannot expect too much this year. We go into why that is a good thing and the possible ramifications of this going forward, including the draft. (00:00) We then spend the last ten minutes discussing the Game 7 of the World Series and the Dodgers loss/Astros win. Together we're GIANT! (21:00) As mentioned at the beginning of the pod, we had some issues during the baseball section. Apologies!
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Deals w/ Devils, 49ers-Bears Reconciliation, NBA Playoffs

Rudy Solis 3rd & Ray Solis 1st are joined by Hollywood actor & Chicago Diehard Max Marsh this week! First up is one of Rudy's favorite subjects: Which team victories, rings, etc. would you give up to erase your team's worst losses? (00:00) Next is a deeper dive into the 49ers-Bears Drafts: John Lynch bluff, Mitch Trubisky, Niners-Bears DEF draft picks, RB Joe Williams pick & Bears Fans trolling Trubisky. (17:00) Last is the NBA Playoffs: Bulls going down, Lebron's playoff career, Celtics-Wiz, Spurs-Rockets predics, Warriors vs. Cavaliers pt 3 and much more! (41:20) Share your thoughts: www.facebook.com/thegoldcast. www.youtube.com/thegoldcast. www.instagram.com/thegoldcast

Draymond too loose a cannon? Plus, why 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG.

This week's GoldCast begins with a mid-season review of the Warriors (00:00) and the big question after last week's ejection: is Draymond still too loose of a cannon? (8:00) Then Rudy and Ray break down why most 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG. (15:00) Next, Rudy reviews going to his first Monday Night Raw (28:00) and Ray closes out with his thoughts about the Niners new DC... (33:00)