CandleStick Will's new book: "You can't do it... Until You Believe in Yourself"

Today’s special guest is non other than our esteemed cohost: CandleStick Will! Today we discuss the release of his first book: “You Can’t Do It… Until You Believe in Yourself.” The book chronicles the past year of his life and losing not only 120lbs, but also creating a better version of himself. Will goes into the past habits, social media support, using “positive excuses,” and much more! You can purchase CandleStick Will’s book here:
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Warriors Raps Game 3 & Giants Future with CandleStick Will

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3 is back with another jam packed episode of The GoldCast! Today, my special guest is Candlestick Will, Staff Editor of China Basin Chatter and diehard fan of the Warriors and Giants. We start by discussing how we met online and the future of Giants baseball. (00:00) Then we get into a lengthy discussion about San Francisco’s back-to-back sports dynasties. (15:12) We wrap with a deep dive into the Warriors dynasty and end with a breakdown of Game 3, Finals Predictions, and what uniforms will our players be wearing come next October! Will KD come back for Game 5 of the NBA Finals? Can the Warriors still win the series? Let us know:
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