Toronto wasn't the better team, just the healthier one...

Damn… Rudy Solis 3rd is back to discuss the tough tough tough Warriors loss to the Raptors in Game 6. A special guest joins today to break down all the action. Who, do you ask? You’ll have to listen to find out! First up, we recap and react to what was a crazy, emotional roller coaster of a Game 6. (00:00) Then, we end with Rudy’s Top 5 Questions for the Warriors as they head into the off season… And much more! (32:14) Do you think that the NBA Finals loss and KD’s season ending injury open the door for his return? Does Toronto winning the championship, and KD out for the year, change the landscape of free agency? Let us know:
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Warriors Raps Game 3 & Giants Future with CandleStick Will

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3 is back with another jam packed episode of The GoldCast! Today, my special guest is Candlestick Will, Staff Editor of China Basin Chatter and diehard fan of the Warriors and Giants. We start by discussing how we met online and the future of Giants baseball. (00:00) Then we get into a lengthy discussion about San Francisco’s back-to-back sports dynasties. (15:12) We wrap with a deep dive into the Warriors dynasty and end with a breakdown of Game 3, Finals Predictions, and what uniforms will our players be wearing come next October! Will KD come back for Game 5 of the NBA Finals? Can the Warriors still win the series? Let us know:
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Bowman Retires a 49ers. Warriors tie up Raps, but who will play Game 3?

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3rd, your professor of fanalism, is back and class is session. Let’s GO! First up, I go over Navorro Bowman’s announcement today that he is retiring as a 49er. I discuss his most iconic play and heartbreaking injury. (00:00) Then, I go over a wild and rough Game 2 against the Raptors. Warriors have evened the series, but what happens from here? (08:59) Let GoldCast Nation know what you think is going to happen in Oakland! Warriors go up 3-1? Raptors go up 3-1? Or do Warriors-Raptors split the series? Let us know:
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Warriors Raptors Game One Reactions!

The GoldCast is back with instant reactions to a tough loss to the Raptors. Rudy Solis 3rd breaks down all the action from game one of the NBA Finals and gives his opinion on what needs to happen in Game 2! Question of the day: Do the Warriors need KD to win this series? Can the Warriors beat the Raptors without KD? Let us know:
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GoldCast NBA Playoff Preview!

The GoldCast is here with a huge NBA Playoff Preview, from the perspective of the BAY AREAAAAAAAAA, of course! We start off with the Warriors and the West (00:00): Who has the best chance of making it to the Western Conference Finals to face the Warriors: Spurs or Rockets? We also discuss the decline of the Spurs and rise of the Rockets, with a little bit of talk dedicated to the rest: OKC, Memphis, Los Angeles, Portland and Utah.  Then we take a look at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron's most uncertain road back to the Finals since the 2014 Heat. (25:45) We talk about Ray and Bill Simmon's agreed prediction that the Cavs don't make it back this year: the Raptors and Celtics ability to upset, the Wizard's spoiler potential, the possibility of refs conspiracies in the playoffs and much more. Let's goooooo!