Jed York Lives?

Just 24 hours after the rumor of Jed York's reassignment, a new article deposits that Jed is staying right where he is. (00:00) Then the GoldCast Crew talk to their Los Angeles cohost, Lewie B, to get his take on the firing of Jeff Fisher and the future of the Rams organization. (9:30) Then they finish off with another round of playoff talks. This year is coming down to the wire! (22:00)

The Final Days of Jed York?

The GoldCast Crew talks about the stunning rumor of York's reassignment. (00:00) Then they discuss the Raiders loss to the Chiefs, the Rams firing of Jeff Fisher,  and the Giants upsetting the Cowboys. (9:30) Then they recap the Jets game and the crazy amount of injuries this Niners' team has. (17:00) They wrap up with playoff predics and the unbelievable spread of this week's game against the Falcons. (20:30)