#102: OBJ a good idea? How deep can Dubs go? Giants opening series!

The Super Solis Bros. are back with a hot pod to step to. First up, we debate whether OBJ to the Niners is a good idea or bad idea, the character issues surrounding him, the Rams player issues, and if either of us would really want him on the team. (00:00) Next, we discuss a playoff bound Warriors with KD, Klay & Draymond through the first two rounds and how far they could go without Steph. (13:45) Last, we discuss opening weekend for the Giants and their turbulent matchup with the Dodgers. (20:25) What are your thoughts? Think the Niners should trade for OBJ if they have a chance? How far can the Dubs go in the post without Steph? Giants opening series: a sign of things to come? Let us know: