Shanahan Says NO Playoffs, Warriors Post All-Star Break, Joe vs. Tom is back!

Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back to talk the week in Bay Area sports! First up, the Brothers' Solis weigh in on Kyle Shanahan saying the 49ers will most likely not go to the playoffs this year. (00:00) Then, we go over the Warriors, Cavs & the rest of the big teams road to the Finals, post All-Star Break. (09:03) Last, we debate certain media members saying that Brady's recent SB loss puts Joe Montana back in the conversation of being the G.O.A.T. (20:00) What are your thoughts? Will the 49ers go to the playoffs? Who is the biggest threat to the Warriors getting 3 rings? Is Joe back in the conversation for the greatest of all time? Let us know!


#96: JIMMY G MEGA DEAL! NBA Trade Reactions! 49ers vs. Pats...

The Super Solis Bros. are back with a hot GoldCast to step to. First up, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 give their impressions on the Jimmy Garoppolo contract given to him by the 49ers. (00:00) Then, we discuss the NBA Trade deadline between the Cavs & Warriors and the road to the Finals now. (22:00) Last, we debate the 49ers vs. the Patriots and the journey both franchises had to five SuperBowl Rings... (31:00) What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the Jimmy G. contract? Where the Warriors right to not trade anyone? Is the Niners Super Bowl victories a greater road than the Patriots? Let us know:

Jimmy G.jpg

SuperBowl Predics, Warriors vs. Celtics/Jazz, Roger Craig snubbed.

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back with dope GoldCast to step to! First up, we discuss the impending SuperBowl and give our predictions on who is going to win. (00:00) Then, we discuss last Sunday's Warriors vs. Celtics as a possible NBA Finals Preview, the Cavaliers issues, and last night's game against the Jazz. (14:45) Last, we debate Roger Craig being snubbed in his final year of eligibility for the HOF. (25:40)
What are your thoughts? Who's going to win the SuperBowl? Will the Warriors and Celtics get to the NBA Finals? Should Roger Craig be in the HOF?


#94: Foster Arrested, Divisional Madness, Warriors vs. Cavs Preview!

BOOM! The Super Solis Bros. are back with another GoldCast pod coming live and direct! First up: Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss Reuben Foster's arrest and what kind of penalties could be doled out... (00:00) Then we go over the crazy Divisional round of NFL games from this past weekend. (6:45) Last, we look ahead to tonight's Warriors vs. Cavaliers Round 2! (21:00)
Do you think Foster should get a one game suspension? Who's going to win Championship Sunday? Will the Warriors prevail tonight? Let us know:

Foster arrested.jpg

#92: I.T. Returns: What's it mean for the Warriors?

The GoldCast is back with the our 92nd Episode and the very first pod of 2018! First up, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 look at the return of Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs how that benefits the Warriors in the long run. (00:00) Then, we discuss the return of Steph Curry and his immediate impact on the game. (8:05) Last, we wrap up with Rudy's visit to LA Coliseum, Raiders fans getting their come uppance and final stats for Jimmy Garoppolo. (13:25) What are your thoughts on the return of Isaiah Thomas? Does he help or hurt the Cavs chances of winning another title? Let us know:


NBA FINALS Game 1, Cavalier Chris vs. Rudy, Montana vs. Brady!

BOOM! SF Natives, SF diehards, SF brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st bring the HEAT on Game 1 of the NBA FINALS! We start off with recap of Game 1, Rudy's convo with Cavalier Chris, and then end with the age old classic: Montana vs. Brady... Let's do it!

Raiders to Vegas... Warriors rise against the Spurs.

After a week hiatus the GoldCast returns! Rudy Solis 3rd is joined by San Francisco socialite, Pete Zimmer, to discuss the NFL approving the Raiders relocation to Vegas. (00:00) Next, they discuss the Warriors current dominance versus the Cavs recent struggles... (24:00)

KD returns to OKC... Thank you, Tom Rathman...

Kevin Durant and the Warriors make their triumphant return to OKC and the game did not disappoint! Brothers Rudy and Ray break down all the action for you. It got HEATED! (00:00) They follow this up with a conversation about Lebron and the Cavs: just how in Lebron's head are the Warriors right now? Melo the answer? (12:00) Next up is the breaking news that Tom Rathman is leaving the 49ers coaching staff... (21:00) They close out with a little review of Elimination Chamber. (27:45)