GM 1: Niners take it on the teeth, and that's a good thing...

Daaaaamn... The road to the 49ers' throne is a steep one, but that's okay, it's why the GoldCast is here! First up, Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st recap Game 1 (00:00). Then, we go over Co-Host Lewie B's text about NFC West Standings (10:00), the 49ers Defense (15:20), and we end with Rudy giving a pep talk to 49ers Faithful, GoldCast Nation & Kyle Shanahan... (19:30)
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But can this continue...?

Rudy, Ray and Lewie go over the ass whooping the 49ers delivered to the Rams on Monday, and discuss whether or not this can continue. (00:00) Next, they go over that dismal 3rd quarter and what it could mean going forward and how the player changes have impacted the Rams D. (20:30) The boys then break down Gabbert vs. Smith & Kaep (26:30) and look ahead to Carolina and Seattle (29:30).