Baalke Blame. Raiders Rise. Playoffs Loom...

Trent Baalke blames himself for the team's season long struggles and the GoldCast talks about it like we were there with a special guest. (00:00) We then discuss the dominance of a Raider team that refuses to be denied. (8:00) Then we wrap with our 3rd round of playoff predics (25:30) and wrap up with the Vegas odds against Miami. (aka MeeYeahmee!) (34:00)

Chip Chip Hooray?

We quickly recap the game because it was ugly. (00:00) Chip announces he's staying (7:00), we check in on the NFC West and then discuss whether or not we want the team to tank for a QB or win out of pride. (13:00) This is followed by some AFC West talk (Just win, baby) and our annual playoff predictions contest. (23:00) Last we look at the BRUTAL Vegas lines for next week. (29:30)