#99: Richard Sherman Reactions! Plus: Can the Warriors take the West?

NUMBER 99 IS HERE! 99th episode of the GoldCast is here. WOW. Thanks for all the support! Big thanks to all of the support over the years. GoldCast Nation is THE BEST.
First up, brothers Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss the shocking news of Richard Sherman joining the 49ers. Wow. Still digesting this... (00:00) Next up, we discuss the Warriors missing a big opportunity to take the lead in the west this weekend. With the Warriors now being 1.5 games back, we ask: Can the Warriors take the West? (19:30) What are your thoughts? What do you think about Richard Sherman joining the Niners? Is the new Rams secondary something we should be worried about this year? Can the Warriors take the West? Does it even matter? 
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WK5: OT Heartbreak PT 2. NFC West. The Sloth Moment. Alex Smith: Long Lost Son.

SF Fan Diehards, brothers Rudy Solis 3rd & Ray Solis 1st recap another crushing loss for the 49ers. First we go over the Niners second straight OT loss. Topics include: Breida's breakout performance, Bowman being sidelined, Kittle breaking even, and the looming shadow of CJ Beathard and his unpronounceable last name. (00:00) Then we turn our eye to the rest of the NFC West: Rams v. Seahawks and the dying Cardinals. (23:00) Last, we look upon our long lost son: Alex Smith (29:30), and go over the next week's Vegas lines...! (41:40)
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Plight of the Faithful

Rudy laments over his stunning loss in the 1st round of his Fantasy League & debunks regifted articles from Bleacher Report with Ray. (00:00) Then they discuss the current playoff standings and debate over their final two predictions. (8:20) Next, they discuss the ass whooping delivered by the Atlanta Falcons and what it means to be a 49ers Faithful in 2016. (22:00) Finally, they wrap up with the Vegas Odd for Niners @ Rams. (29:00) 

Jed York Lives?

Just 24 hours after the rumor of Jed York's reassignment, a new article deposits that Jed is staying right where he is. (00:00) Then the GoldCast Crew talk to their Los Angeles cohost, Lewie B, to get his take on the firing of Jeff Fisher and the future of the Rams organization. (9:30) Then they finish off with another round of playoff talks. This year is coming down to the wire! (22:00)

Niners Offense & the Kansas City Kool-Aid.

We begin with a discussion about the rising 49ers Offense, Kaep's fantasy value, and drafting a QB next year. (00:00) Then we look at the Seahawks and their place among the current top 4 best teams in the league. (12:30) Next we have a lively debate about Chiefs vs. Raiders. (21:00) We finish with playoff predictions and Vegas odds! (32:00)

57 Minutes of Football...

The 49ers put together 57 min of football and almost upset the Cardinals in AZ. (00:00) Next we discuss the resurgence of the Seattle Seahawks as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. (13:00) Then we look at the battle for 1st in the AFC West (18:00), make our next round of playoff predictions (23:00) and finish with our Vegas odds for New England @ San Francisco! (29:00) 

Buffalo, Baalke, Blaine & Kaep...

The GoldCast Crew discuss the Niners inability to play more than 30 min of football. (00:00) They then recap the game, discuss the hot seat Baalke is on, and Kaep's role in all this. (3:30) Next they debunk the Free Agency myth that's going around about the Niners (20:00), Chip's noncommittal QB response (26:00), Blaine's clear descent (31:00) and the Vegas Lines for Tampa (32:00).