Gold Dive Edition: Super XXIII (ep. 134)

We are proud to introduce the very first GOLD DIVE EPISODE! In our Gold Dives, we will do deep dives on our favorite games, eras, players and moments from our San Francisco teams: 49ers, Warriors and the SF Giants! On today’s inaugural episode, we look at the most mythical of all the 49ers Super Bowl victories: the legendary Super Bowl XXIII. What do you think of our Gold Dive? What topics would you like to see added? Which games would you like us to cover next? Let us know at:
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#105: Warriors Dominate. Dwight Clark Reunion. Giants Rolling?

The Super Solis Bros. are back! First up, we discuss the Warriors domination of the 2018 NBA Playoffs and debate the media fuss over Draymond Green's text to KD after the Pelicans loss. (00:00) Next, we discuss the emotional reunion held for Dwight Clark at Eddie Debartolo's ranch in Montana... (18:54) Then, we take a look at the SF Giants strong finish to April and great start to May. (31:06) Last, we end with a small tribute to Dwight Clark... (35:38) Also, we at the GoldCast Nation want to give all of our love, blessings and thank you's to everything Dwight Clark did, and continues to do, for the San Francisco 49ers and The Faithful. We can never thank you enough for your contributions to the team. Thank you, Mr. Clark. You can read the SI article by Chris Ballard here. You can see the entirety of the 1981 NFC Championship Game here. What are your thoughts on the Warriors current run? Is Warriors vs. Cavs 4 inevitable? How did Eddie D. get the goalposts out of Candlestick?! Do you feel the Giants have enough to get through May? Let us know:

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Shanahan Says NO Playoffs, Warriors Post All-Star Break, Joe vs. Tom is back!

Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 are back to talk the week in Bay Area sports! First up, the Brothers' Solis weigh in on Kyle Shanahan saying the 49ers will most likely not go to the playoffs this year. (00:00) Then, we go over the Warriors, Cavs & the rest of the big teams road to the Finals, post All-Star Break. (09:03) Last, we debate certain media members saying that Brady's recent SB loss puts Joe Montana back in the conversation of being the G.O.A.T. (20:00) What are your thoughts? Will the 49ers go to the playoffs? Who is the biggest threat to the Warriors getting 3 rings? Is Joe back in the conversation for the greatest of all time? Let us know!


#96: JIMMY G MEGA DEAL! NBA Trade Reactions! 49ers vs. Pats...

The Super Solis Bros. are back with a hot GoldCast to step to. First up, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 give their impressions on the Jimmy Garoppolo contract given to him by the 49ers. (00:00) Then, we discuss the NBA Trade deadline between the Cavs & Warriors and the road to the Finals now. (22:00) Last, we debate the 49ers vs. the Patriots and the journey both franchises had to five SuperBowl Rings... (31:00) What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the Jimmy G. contract? Where the Warriors right to not trade anyone? Is the Niners Super Bowl victories a greater road than the Patriots? Let us know:

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Why San Francisco sports reporters suck. Warriors-Spurs Game 2

This was a HEATED GoldCast! Brothers Rudy & Ray Solis start off by once again calling out SF sports reporters, their lack of national media presence and its effect on our success: the Bostonification of the sports world, no protection for the Warriors, and the rewriting of NFL history. (00:00) This is followed by a recap of Warriors-Spurs 2 and a look ahead at the rest of the series. (21:30) Do you agree with us about SF sports reporters? Let us know at:

Can Kyle Shanahan save the 49ers?

This week, Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st discuss Joe Montana's QB Ranking in the wake of Tom Brady's 5th SuperBowl ring. (00:00) Then they move on to the biggest and best news of the day: the official announcement of Kyle Shanahan as the head coach of the 49ers. (11:00) Check his resume on our brand new Instagram page: @thegoldcast or Last, we discuss what the Faithful can expect next season and the patience needed in the wake of this full rebuild. (26:30)