But can this continue...?

Rudy, Ray and Lewie go over the ass whooping the 49ers delivered to the Rams on Monday, and discuss whether or not this can continue. (00:00) Next, they go over that dismal 3rd quarter and what it could mean going forward and how the player changes have impacted the Rams D. (20:30) The boys then break down Gabbert vs. Smith & Kaep (26:30) and look ahead to Carolina and Seattle (29:30).

Eddie D. HOF Speech, Kap vs. Gab, Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly & Jim O'Neil and more!

Rudy & Ray break down their favorite parts of Eddie Debartolo's HOF speech, debate on Kaepernick's off season journey, and if Gabbert can be the starting QB. Plus talk on the Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly and our new Def. Coordinator Jim O'Neil.