Gold Dive: The Catch III

Another special episode of the Gold Dive is back! Today, Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1 take a deep dive into the 2011 Divisional Round between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers aka THE CATCH III. Join us as we take a look back at the start of the Harbaugh era and the return of the 49ers being a powerhouse in the NFL. When you’re done listening to our show, let us know who YOU think deserves these awards: What is the worst play of the game? What is the best play of the game? What is the most iconic moment? Who was the MVP of the game? Let us know:
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With the Warriors adding a 4th title to the Bay Area in five years, the GoldCast asks: 
1. How bad does the 49ers loss SuperBowl loss hurt now? Would you make a deal with the devil and trade any rings back?
2. Next: Do the announced retirements of the 49ers spell their end? The GoldCast doesn't think so!
3. DEBATE: Manziel says no to money fingers, but how long will the good boy image last? The GoldCast debates which week, and how, Manziel will fall off the wagon!