Super Bowl & the 49ers. AD trade impact. New coach hires. (ep. 130)

BOOM! Rudy and Ray are in the building to break down all the news and show you how it always relates to the teams you care about in the Bay. First up, we discuss what impact the Rams and the Pats have on 49ers legacy if they win the Super Bowl and then give our final picks for the game. (00:00) Next we discuss the AD trade request and what impact it has on the two teams that want him most: the Lakers and the Celtics. (30:33) Last, we go over the new coaching hires the 49ers made. (41:27) So what say you, GoldCast nation? Who do you will you be rooting for in the Super Bowl and why? Where will AD end up if he is traded before the deadline? What do you think of the new coaching hires? Let us know in comments:


Week 7: Rams Whoop Ass. Garbage Bowls. Draft a QB?

The Rudy and Ray Solis Bros. are back after a BRUTAL Week 7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. We start with recapping the game and all the inconsistencies of the 49ers. (00:00) Then we go over the upcoming “Garbage Bowl” games coming our way. (18:27) After, I ask Ray an early, but very important question: Do we need to draft a new back QB to avoid this happening again next year? (20:00 ) Then we end with a look towards Arizona! (25:15) What are your thoughts? Should we draft a new backup QB? How many games will win in the next four weeks during the “Garbage Bowls?” Let us know:


49ers & Rams: A tale of two teams... (ep. 117)

Rudy Solis 3rd is joined this week by Lewie Bartone to discuss the very different paths the 49ers and Rams’ seasons have gone thus far. First up, Rudy and Lewie discuss what being a 49ers/Rams fan means in the 2018 season and the definition of “Ugly Girlfriend Syndrome.” (00:00) They then go over a variety of topics: Rams Fantasy Value (13:20), Niners Nation Pessimism (20:15), and then look ahead to the NFC matchups: LAR@SEA, AZ@SF! What are your thoughts? Are you a 49ers pessimist now? Do you suffer from “Ugly Girlfriend Syndrome?” Let us know:


WK3: Greatest TNF Game of all Time (almost)

BOOOOOOM! Wow! What a game. Frustrating, but the future of the NFC West was laid down tonight. #brickbybrick SF Natives, 49ers Faithful, Brothers to the end, Rudy Solis 3rd & Raymond Solis 1st are joined by their LA co-host Lewie B to go over this crazy ass game between the Niners and Rams. Topics include: Hoyer's bounce back, the competency of Goff, CB Robinson and the undisciplined play of the 49ers D, how much the Seahawks hate each other, the future of the NFC West and much more! 
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BOOM! Just before the week comes to a close, brothers Rudy Solis 3rd & Ray Solis 1st preview the NFC West. Who is falling? Who is rising? We give our very biased thoughts right here. First up, we breakdown our beautiful 49ers (00:00), then we take a look at the rest of NFC West: Los Angeles Rams (9:50), Arizona Cardinals (17:00) and then those damn Seattle Seahawks (23:00). What are your thoughts on the NFC West? Let us know on social media:


Eddie D. HOF Speech, Kap vs. Gab, Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly & Jim O'Neil and more!

Rudy & Ray break down their favorite parts of Eddie Debartolo's HOF speech, debate on Kaepernick's off season journey, and if Gabbert can be the starting QB. Plus talk on the Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly and our new Def. Coordinator Jim O'Neil.