#93: Jimmy G & Pats Drama. Playoffs Reactions. Steph is a God.

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EPISODE 93! Wow. What a journey. First up: Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss the Seth Wickersham article about the drama surrounding the Patriots. (00:00) Then, we discuss the NFL Playoffs and the epic collapse of our rivals, the LA Rams. (20:00) We end with Steph's incredible return from injury and look towards the Warriors future this year. (32:45) Do you think the drama in NE is for real? Have the Rams been exposed for next year? Will the Warriors return to the Finals?! Let us know:



With the Warriors adding a 4th title to the Bay Area in five years, the GoldCast asks: 
1. How bad does the 49ers loss SuperBowl loss hurt now? Would you make a deal with the devil and trade any rings back?
2. Next: Do the announced retirements of the 49ers spell their end? The GoldCast doesn't think so!
3. DEBATE: Manziel says no to money fingers, but how long will the good boy image last? The GoldCast debates which week, and how, Manziel will fall off the wagon!