WK6: Beathard begins. Warriors back. Thank you, Navorro Bowman.

SF Diehards, SF Natives, Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd & Raymond Solis 1st are back! First up: we go over Beathard's first start for the 49ers against the Washington Professional Football team. Topics include: how Beathard did, possible win/loss record with him at QB, Bowman's release and its effect on Defense. (00:00) Then we discuss the start of the NBA season with the Warriors hosting the Rockets, whether or not this can be considered the greatest of San Francisco sports, and how quickly the Niners can get back in contention this decade. (23:50) Last, we send of Navorro Bowman and look ahead to the Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers! (30:02)
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Championship Sunday will determine the fate of... The Niners?!

Old Man Davis returns to discuss his final journey with the Raiders this season. (00:00) Then the GoldCast Crew goes over Rudy Solis 3rd's favorite playoff round: The Divisional Round! From Aaron Rodgers brilliance to KC's ineptitude to the beautiful dismantling of the Seahawks, they discuss it all. (8:30) They then look ahead to Championship Sunday and discuss the major ramifications of a Green Bay or Atlanta loss this weekend. Could we be getting a new GM or Coach next Monday? (23:30)

Deja Vu?

The GoldCast crew recap Week 3, the youth of the team and defensive woes of Jim O'Neil's secondary. (00:00) After, we discuss the Kaep rumblings and if him starting would make a difference and Wilson's dominance. (8:00) Next, we go compare this loss to last year's Wk 3 loss, Baalke's efficiency in picking players and Gabbert vs. Kaep. (14:30) We end with our now routine bashing of 95.7 The Game and end with the Vegas Odds for the upcoming game against the Cowboys. (26:00)