New Year. New GoldCast. Here. We. Go!

The GoldCast returns for the first podcast of the year! The Niners season has come to a disappointing end, and Rudy & Ray start by examining what might be Kaepernick's last season as the 49ers QB. (00:00) They then go over the huge news of York's firing of GM Trent Baalke and Head Coach Chip Kelly. (7:30) From there, they go over the potential candidates the Niners are interviewing and then look ahead at a rough weekend of Wild Card games... (24:00)

Chip Chip Hooray?

We quickly recap the game because it was ugly. (00:00) Chip announces he's staying (7:00), we check in on the NFC West and then discuss whether or not we want the team to tank for a QB or win out of pride. (13:00) This is followed by some AFC West talk (Just win, baby) and our annual playoff predictions contest. (23:00) Last we look at the BRUTAL Vegas lines for next week. (29:30)

Chip, Trades, and Tanking?

The GoldCast Crew start with a brief review of the Bucs game and then debate if Chip Kelly has any responsibility in the team's continued decline. (00:00) Then they discuss the trade rumors surrounding Torrey Smith & Joe Staley and discuss the possibility of the organization tanking. (17:30) They end with a brief discussion on all the DEF HATE against SEAvAZ on Sunday night and the NFL Ratings Decline. (26:00) Plus, a surprise guest by a very special man... 

Buffalo, Baalke, Blaine & Kaep...

The GoldCast Crew discuss the Niners inability to play more than 30 min of football. (00:00) They then recap the game, discuss the hot seat Baalke is on, and Kaep's role in all this. (3:30) Next they debunk the Free Agency myth that's going around about the Niners (20:00), Chip's noncommittal QB response (26:00), Blaine's clear descent (31:00) and the Vegas Lines for Tampa (32:00).

But can this continue...?

Rudy, Ray and Lewie go over the ass whooping the 49ers delivered to the Rams on Monday, and discuss whether or not this can continue. (00:00) Next, they go over that dismal 3rd quarter and what it could mean going forward and how the player changes have impacted the Rams D. (20:30) The boys then break down Gabbert vs. Smith & Kaep (26:30) and look ahead to Carolina and Seattle (29:30).

Eddie D. HOF Speech, Kap vs. Gab, Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly & Jim O'Neil and more!

Rudy & Ray break down their favorite parts of Eddie Debartolo's HOF speech, debate on Kaepernick's off season journey, and if Gabbert can be the starting QB. Plus talk on the Jared Goff hype machine, Chip Kelly and our new Def. Coordinator Jim O'Neil.