Week 12: Niners Bucs, Reuben Foster, Warriors Bounce Back (ep. 123)

Rudy and Ray are back from a gluttonous Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, the Niners did not return in stride… We review the Bucs thrashing and also look ahead towards the draft because it’s that time of the freaking year again. (00:00) Next, we discuss the cutting of Reuben Foster before the Bucs game, (19:20) the Warriors bouncing back (22:59), and SF at Seattle. (28:50) We close out the pod with a look at the playoff picture. (32:30) What would be your first pick in the draft if you were the GM of the Niners? Were you worried about the Warriors after the fight? Will the Niners win any of the games in their upcoming “Bloodbath Bowls”? Let us know:


Week 5: Beathard Soars... Niners Fall? (ep. 118)

Rudy Solis 3rd is back with special, first time guest David Nichols Jr. They discuss the wonky- and frustrating -game against the Cardinals. (00:00) They also go over: the mixed emotions Rams players have on your Fantasy team, what Beathard is missing, and look ahead to San Francisco at Green Bay! What are your thoughts, GoldCast Nation? What does Beathard need to do to take the next step? Do you have Rams Fantasy players? Are there any team’s players that refuse to draft? Let us know: