Week 15: 49ers Beat the Seahawks. Buckner has arrived... (ep. 126)

Your favorite San Francisco Natives have returned to discuss the best victory of the year: the 49ers have defeated the Seahawks and ended a 10 game losing streak to our greatest rival. Rudy and Ray Solis recap all the action from this great game. (00:00) Afterwards, special guest host Max Marsh joins us to discuss the upcoming matchup between the Chicago Bears and the 49ers. (23:40) Who do you think deserved the game ball? Mullens? Buckner? Saleh? Special teams? Let us know:

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Week 13: 3 Positive 49ers Takeaways, 3 Reasons to watch the Warriors

Week 13 is in the books, thank heaven. But San Francisco natives, Rudy and Ray Solis, are back with three positive takeaways from our latest drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. (00:00) Then, we each give you three reasons why you should watch the Golden State Warriors once the 49ers season ends. (15:30) After, we continue with our annual “Playoff Predics” and end with a preview of 49ers vs. Broncos! (29:41) Now that the season is almost over, who stands out for you on the 49ers squad? Let us know!


Week 7: Rams Whoop Ass. Garbage Bowls. Draft a QB?

The Rudy and Ray Solis Bros. are back after a BRUTAL Week 7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. We start with recapping the game and all the inconsistencies of the 49ers. (00:00) Then we go over the upcoming “Garbage Bowl” games coming our way. (18:27) After, I ask Ray an early, but very important question: Do we need to draft a new back QB to avoid this happening again next year? (20:00 ) Then we end with a look towards Arizona! (25:15) What are your thoughts? Should we draft a new backup QB? How many games will win in the next four weeks during the “Garbage Bowls?” Let us know:


#102: OBJ a good idea? How deep can Dubs go? Giants opening series!

The Super Solis Bros. are back with a hot pod to step to. First up, we debate whether OBJ to the Niners is a good idea or bad idea, the character issues surrounding him, the Rams player issues, and if either of us would really want him on the team. (00:00) Next, we discuss a playoff bound Warriors with KD, Klay & Draymond through the first two rounds and how far they could go without Steph. (13:45) Last, we discuss opening weekend for the Giants and their turbulent matchup with the Dodgers. (20:25) What are your thoughts? Think the Niners should trade for OBJ if they have a chance? How far can the Dubs go in the post without Steph? Giants opening series: a sign of things to come? Let us know: