Warriors Unite. Lebron Wins. Final days of Bochy?

BOOM! The GoldCast is back! So much to talk about. Jordan Shappell, actor, writer, coach and diehard Warriors fan joins us to talk NBA. First up, we discuss the 201 million dollar man: Steph Curry and his road to greatness. (00:00) Then we get into NBA Free Agency: Rockets, OKC, Clippers, Celtics and how Lebron once again wins the summer... (14:00) Then we have an in-depth discussion about the Giants and Bruce Bochy... What are your thoughts? Did Lebron win the summer? Is Bochy nearing the end? Let us know!

Dubs Champs, Jerry West Exit, Lebron's non super team that is a super team

Rudy Solis 3rd returns for a solo GoldCast on the eve of the Warriors Championship parade! Topics include: Game 4 dread (the morning of). Game 5 insanity: 2Q Warriors tsunami of points + 3Q Cavs comeback, Dray saving Klay from certain death with the help of an unexpected ally, and the win for the Warriors. Lebron saying "He had never been on a super team." (HINT: Not true, but I'll explain why he thinks there is a difference.) Next year's landscape... Jerry West to the Clippers and much more!
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Warriors Cavs Game 3 + Where do we go from here?

Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st break down everything from the Bay Area fan perspective! We recap the glory that was Game 3 as the Warriors go on an 11-0 run in the 4th to take a 3-0 lead in the NBA Finals! From there, Ray, the best fanalyst in the game, is asked the hard questions: 1. Will the Warriors & Cavs meet next year? 2. Will the Warriors return for a 4th championship appearance? 3. Will there be a Finals co-MVP and much more! 
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NBA FINALS Game 1, Cavalier Chris vs. Rudy, Montana vs. Brady!

BOOM! SF Natives, SF diehards, SF brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st bring the HEAT on Game 1 of the NBA FINALS! We start off with recap of Game 1, Rudy's convo with Cavalier Chris, and then end with the age old classic: Montana vs. Brady... Let's do it!

Warriors Make History, Beef w/ Cavs Fans, Kaep's Karmic Destiny

BOOM! Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis 1st are back! First up Warriors go an unprecedented 12-0 in the post and take an SF based team to its 7th FINALS APPEARANCE IN 7 YEARS. Ish is getting real, America. Next, we talk about the Warriors - Cavs beef and how intense it's becoming amongst the fans. (00:00) After, we end with a quick chat about Kaep's most definite destiny if he ends up joining the Seahawks. You'll agree the second you hear it! Don't forget to share your thoughts at:

Why San Francisco sports reporters suck. Warriors-Spurs Game 2

This was a HEATED GoldCast! Brothers Rudy & Ray Solis start off by once again calling out SF sports reporters, their lack of national media presence and its effect on our success: the Bostonification of the sports world, no protection for the Warriors, and the rewriting of NFL history. (00:00) This is followed by a recap of Warriors-Spurs 2 and a look ahead at the rest of the series. (21:30) Do you agree with us about SF sports reporters? Let us know at:

Deals w/ Devils, 49ers-Bears Reconciliation, NBA Playoffs

Rudy Solis 3rd & Ray Solis 1st are joined by Hollywood actor & Chicago Diehard Max Marsh this week! First up is one of Rudy's favorite subjects: Which team victories, rings, etc. would you give up to erase your team's worst losses? (00:00) Next is a deeper dive into the 49ers-Bears Drafts: John Lynch bluff, Mitch Trubisky, Niners-Bears DEF draft picks, RB Joe Williams pick & Bears Fans trolling Trubisky. (17:00) Last is the NBA Playoffs: Bulls going down, Lebron's playoff career, Celtics-Wiz, Spurs-Rockets predics, Warriors vs. Cavaliers pt 3 and much more! (41:20) Share your thoughts: www.facebook.com/thegoldcast. www.youtube.com/thegoldcast. www.instagram.com/thegoldcast

49ers: Draft Grades for US & our rivals...

BOOM! We are back with a HUGE draft review episode! Brothers Rudy & Ray Solis are joined by Lewie B, Pete Zimmer, high school football coach Koy Thomas and Chicago diehard Max Marsh. We open with the controversial first round trade between the Niners and Bears... (00:00) Next we look at the Raiders decision to draft Gareon Conley with Reuben Foster still on the board. (16:30) Then we follow that up with the Rams first pick in the 2nd round, (25:34), general grades for the Niners, Raiders, Rams & Bears, (33:03) and debate whether or not the Niners "won" the draft. (Hint: they did.) (39:00) What do YOU think? Share your thoughts on our FB Page, Instagram or YouTube channel!


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Rudy Solis 3rd returns with special guest, fellow 49ers diehard Matt Manak, to break down the upcoming 49ers Draft from the Bay Area FAN perspective!!! First, we go over Matt Maiocco's top 3 picks from NBC Sports Bay Area's 49ers Draft preview. (00:00) Then we go over Manak's Top 3 picks and why he thinks Leonard Fournette, RB from LSU, deserves to be among them. (12:30) From there we discuss options if we trade the #2 pick (19:00) and our QB options both inside and out of the draft for this year. (27:00) 
Do you agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know at www.facebook.com/thegoldcast or http://instagram.com/thegoldcast.

GoldCast NBA Playoff Preview!

The GoldCast is here with a huge NBA Playoff Preview, from the perspective of the BAY AREAAAAAAAAA, of course! We start off with the Warriors and the West (00:00): Who has the best chance of making it to the Western Conference Finals to face the Warriors: Spurs or Rockets? We also discuss the decline of the Spurs and rise of the Rockets, with a little bit of talk dedicated to the rest: OKC, Memphis, Los Angeles, Portland and Utah.  Then we take a look at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron's most uncertain road back to the Finals since the 2014 Heat. (25:45) We talk about Ray and Bill Simmon's agreed prediction that the Cavs don't make it back this year: the Raptors and Celtics ability to upset, the Wizard's spoiler potential, the possibility of refs conspiracies in the playoffs and much more. Let's goooooo!

Klay Thompson, The Understated Warrior

With only 4 games left in the regular season, Klay Thompson leads the Warriors with 41 points to a resounding victory over the Timberwolves. Brothers Rudy Solis 3rd and Ray Solis break down the understated Klay Thompson and look ahead to the final stretch of games. (00:00) Then they go over the SF Giants opening games, (24:30) the A's new marketing strategy, (31:00) and end with a recap of Wrestlemania... (33:38)

Raiders to Vegas... Warriors rise against the Spurs.

After a week hiatus the GoldCast returns! Rudy Solis 3rd is joined by San Francisco socialite, Pete Zimmer, to discuss the NFL approving the Raiders relocation to Vegas. (00:00) Next, they discuss the Warriors current dominance versus the Cavs recent struggles... (24:00)

The Warriors-Spurs game that wasn't...

BOOM! The GoldCast is back droppin' bombs on your mom, f#$% car alarms. First up, we start off with a weigh-in on Kerr's decision to sit the the big four against the Spurs on Saturday night. (Spoiler alert: we support it) (00:00) Next, we discuss how we feel about Myles Garrett, Leonard Fournette, and Ruben Foster being drafted by the Niners. We end with a quick rundown of the Niners most recent free agents... (19:00)

HOT TAKE EDITION: Brian effing Hoyer?!

BOOM! We are back with a HOT TAKE Edition of the GoldCast. Today's Hot Take Debate: "Is Brian Hoyer a good acquisition for the 49ers?" We go civil war on you: Rudy v. Ray. Brother v. Brother. (00:00) Next we break down all the 49ers goodness happening right now in free agency. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been BUSY. (21:51) We then end things with a quick recap of the Celtics win over the Warriors at Oracle this week and the playoff race between the Dubs and Spurs... (30:20)

KD goes down. Kaep stands up.

A huge week in the Bay goes down and the GoldCast is here to talk about it! First up, Kevin Durant goes down at the worst possible time... Brothers Rudy and Ray Solis debate how much trouble the Warriors are in... (00:00) After, they address Colin Kaepernick's controversial announcement that he will stand for the national anthem this coming season... (21:30)

Why First Take is wrong about Jay Cutler to the 49ers! Plus, Warriors destroy Clippers...

The GoldCast is back with a special hot take Friday edition! First up, Rudy and Ray break down why Max Kellerman and Jeff Saturday are wrong when saying that Jay Cutler should go to the 49ers. (00:00) They then go over the savage beating the Warriors gave the Clippers last night and again discuss whether or not Draymond can keep himself in check during the post season...

Draymond too loose a cannon? Plus, why 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG.

This week's GoldCast begins with a mid-season review of the Warriors (00:00) and the big question after last week's ejection: is Draymond still too loose of a cannon? (8:00) Then Rudy and Ray break down why most 49ers mock drafts are all WRONG. (15:00) Next, Rudy reviews going to his first Monday Night Raw (28:00) and Ray closes out with his thoughts about the Niners new DC... (33:00)

KD returns to OKC... Thank you, Tom Rathman...

Kevin Durant and the Warriors make their triumphant return to OKC and the game did not disappoint! Brothers Rudy and Ray break down all the action for you. It got HEATED! (00:00) They follow this up with a conversation about Lebron and the Cavs: just how in Lebron's head are the Warriors right now? Melo the answer? (12:00) Next up is the breaking news that Tom Rathman is leaving the 49ers coaching staff... (21:00) They close out with a little review of Elimination Chamber. (27:45)

Shanahan. Lynch. Takeaways from First Press Conference?

The GoldCast is back to break down the very FIRST press conference by 49ers new head coach, Kyle Shanahan, and new GM, John Lynch. LOTS to get into! First up, Rudy and Ray give their initial impressions of both men, from roster control to culture. (00:00) Then Ray breaks down who Martin Mayhew is and why you should be excited about him joining Lynch's staff. (11:50) Next they discuss Shanahan's explanation of having no OC, Kaepernick, and the state of the QB situation. (21:00) Last, the "Task of the Faithful" is handed down and again, Rudy gives his defense of Jed York. (33:20)

UFC 208: Who will be the first UFC Women's Featherweight Champ?

Rudy Solis 3rd and Dan The Man are back on this MMA edition of The GoldCast! First up is UFC 208. Dan breaks down why this event is important and drops who he thinks will win the main event between Holly Holm and Germaine De Randamie for the inaugural Women's Featherweight Belt. (00:00) Next up, the boys recap the big fights from the last two UFC Fight Nights: Valentina Schevchenko vs. Julianna Pena, Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill, and the Korean Zombie vs. Dennis Bermudez. (Apologies on the mispronunciation of Dennis Bermudez' name) (9:30) Last, but certainly far from least, they go over Conor McGregor's PPV press conference and the implications it may have on the future of boxing and MMA super fights. (20:50)