Antonio Brown. Rams route? Warriors countdown. Lebron watch. (ep. 133)

BOOM! Welcome back to the GoldCast! This week, Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 discuss Schefter’s report that Antonio Brown will indeed be traded. (00:00) Then we discuss whether or not the 49ers should go the “Rams route” this off season. (00:00) Next, we talk about the Warriors momentum going into their final 25 games of the regular season and discuss whether or not Lebron and the Lakers will make it to the postseason. What are your thoughts? Does AB get traded before, during or after the draft? Should the 49ers go the “Rams route” this offseason? How many games do you think the Warriors will win in these last 25? Do you think Lebron makes it to the post? Let us know:
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Willis & Smith Hall of Fame? KD vs. The Press. Listener Comments! (ep. 132)

BOOM! We are officially into our second week without football this year and while your hosts, Rudy & Ray Solis, miss it so, there is still plenty going on in the BAY! First up, we discuss Patrick Willis and Justin Smith’s 2020 eligibility into the Hall of Fame. (00:00) Next, we discuss KD’s most recent altercations with the press. (15:20) We follow that up with some listener comments and end with a general discussion about what’s happening in Bay Area sports right now. (24:40) What are your thoughts? Do you think Willis and Smith belong in HOF? Did KD’s outbursts give you hope that he might stay in the Bay? Let us know:
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49ers flashbacks. Oakland. AB drama. Welker. Warriors. Bryce Harper to the Giants?! (ep. 131)

Rudy and Ray are back with their post Super Bowl episode of The GoldCast! First up, we discuss the flashbacks this Super Bowl gave us. (00:00) Next up, we go over the 49ers blocking the Raiders from playing in SF, the Antonio Brown drama and the hiring of Wes Welker. (14:00) Then we switch gears and check in with the Warriors and Boogie Cousins. (38:40) Finally, we end with the rumor that the Giants are in talks with Bryce Harper?! (45:00) What do you think? Were the 49ers right in blocking the Raiders from playing in San Francisco? Wes Welker a good hire? Is this Bryce Harper rumor much ado about nothing? Let us know:


Super Bowl & the 49ers. AD trade impact. New coach hires. (ep. 130)

BOOM! Rudy and Ray are in the building to break down all the news and show you how it always relates to the teams you care about in the Bay. First up, we discuss what impact the Rams and the Pats have on 49ers legacy if they win the Super Bowl and then give our final picks for the game. (00:00) Next we discuss the AD trade request and what impact it has on the two teams that want him most: the Lakers and the Celtics. (30:33) Last, we go over the new coaching hires the 49ers made. (41:27) So what say you, GoldCast nation? Who do you will you be rooting for in the Super Bowl and why? Where will AD end up if he is traded before the deadline? What do you think of the new coaching hires? Let us know in comments:


Championship Sunday & the 49ers. Boogie's debut! (ep. 129)

San Francisco natives, brothers forever, Rudy & Ray Solis return to discuss a wild Championship Sunday and all the ways it ties into the 49ers… (00:00) Then we discuss the triumphant return- and subsequent ejection -of Demarcus Cousins…! (29:00) What are your thoughts? Who, as a 49ers fan, will you be rooting for on SuperBowl Sunday? What did you think of Boogie’s return? Let us know:


Niners Block. Antonio Brown trade scenario. Divisional Round! (ep. 128)

SF Natives, Rudy and Ray Solis are back with another hot GoldCast to step to! First up, we discuss the Niners blockade against all interview requests for their position coaches. Then we get into a Antonio Brown rumors with a trade that we think might actually work… Last, we discuss the divisional round and look ahead to the NFC/AFC Championships! What are your thoughts? What is a fair trade for Antonio Brown? Who do you have going to the SuperBowl? Let us know:


2019: Niners Season Review, WildCard Weekend, Warriors WTF?! (ep. 127)

Rudy and Ray Solis are back with their very first GoldCast of the year! First up, we examine the 49ers tumultuous 2018, ask the tough questions and look ahead to the draft. (00:00) Next, we discuss a great WildCard Weekend. (36:00) Last, we wrap up with a look at the inconsistencies of the Warriors this season… (43:00) What say you? Who from the 49ers is on the hot seat in 2019: Shanahan? Lynch? Saleh? Jimmy G? Sourdough Sam?! Do you think the Warriors have enough to make it back to the finals? Let us know:

jimmy g and team'.jpg

Week 15: 49ers Beat the Seahawks. Buckner has arrived... (ep. 126)

Your favorite San Francisco Natives have returned to discuss the best victory of the year: the 49ers have defeated the Seahawks and ended a 10 game losing streak to our greatest rival. Rudy and Ray Solis recap all the action from this great game. (00:00) Afterwards, special guest host Max Marsh joins us to discuss the upcoming matchup between the Chicago Bears and the 49ers. (23:40) Who do you think deserved the game ball? Mullens? Buckner? Saleh? Special teams? Let us know:

Fuck the Seahawks.jpg

Week 14: 49ers Dismantle Denver. Drafting Defenses. Playoff Predics. (ep. 125)

In what has become a rare occasion the past couple years, Rudy and Ray celebrate a 49ers victory of the Denver Broncos. We start off with a recap of the game and who stood out. (00:00) Then, we discuss the importance of drafting a legit pass rusher in the wake of Khalil Mack… (18:46) Finally, we give our second to last playoff predics and a look ahead to Seattle. (28:18) What say you, GoldCast Nation? Who do we draft this year? The Saquon Barkley or Khalil Mack of this class? Let us know:

Kittle Supreme.jpg

Week 13: 3 Positive 49ers Takeaways, 3 Reasons to watch the Warriors

Week 13 is in the books, thank heaven. But San Francisco natives, Rudy and Ray Solis, are back with three positive takeaways from our latest drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. (00:00) Then, we each give you three reasons why you should watch the Golden State Warriors once the 49ers season ends. (15:30) After, we continue with our annual “Playoff Predics” and end with a preview of 49ers vs. Broncos! (29:41) Now that the season is almost over, who stands out for you on the 49ers squad? Let us know!


Week 12: Niners Bucs, Reuben Foster, Warriors Bounce Back (ep. 123)

Rudy and Ray are back from a gluttonous Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, the Niners did not return in stride… We review the Bucs thrashing and also look ahead towards the draft because it’s that time of the freaking year again. (00:00) Next, we discuss the cutting of Reuben Foster before the Bucs game, (19:20) the Warriors bouncing back (22:59), and SF at Seattle. (28:50) We close out the pod with a look at the playoff picture. (32:30) What would be your first pick in the draft if you were the GM of the Niners? Were you worried about the Warriors after the fight? Will the Niners win any of the games in their upcoming “Bloodbath Bowls”? Let us know:


Week 10: Warriors Drama. Niners Drama. Drama for your mama. (ep. 122)

Brothers Rudy and Ray Solis are back for another episode of your favorite San Francisco sports podcast: The GoldCast! We start with the Draymond-KD fight that is dominating the sports world right now. Topics include: Draymond’s treatment of teammates, how KD’s signing would’ve been viewed had this team been Lakers or Celtics, and KD’s looming free agency. (00:00) Then we dive into NY@SF… Topics include: Robert Saleh’s defensive schemes, the team’s inability to close out games and what must done to improve the team next year. (25:58) Finally, Ray closes out with a preview of 49ers vs. Buccaneers. (39:15) What say you? Is Draymond justified? Do you think KD signs with the Warriors in the summer? Do we need to move on from Robert Saleh? Let us know:

Weeks 8 & 9: Recap of the Garbaaage Bowls I & II...

Rudy & Ray return to recap the Garbaaage Bowls I & II. We start with a recap of a humiliating Week 8 loss to the AZ Cardinals… (00:00) Then we quickly jump into the “Baby Boomer” rivalry between the 49ers and Raiders. (10:28) Next we go over the debut of Nick Mullens and the final Battle of the Bay Game. (14:45) We also discuss the satisfaction a win brings to Sundays and then we look ahead to the Garbaaage Bowl III: NY@SF! What do you think of Nick Mullens debut? Do you feel the rivalry between the Raiders and 49ers is still alive? Who are your first two locks for the playoffs? Let us know:

Mullens Shanahan.jpg

Week 7: Rams Whoop Ass. Garbage Bowls. Draft a QB?

The Rudy and Ray Solis Bros. are back after a BRUTAL Week 7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. We start with recapping the game and all the inconsistencies of the 49ers. (00:00) Then we go over the upcoming “Garbage Bowl” games coming our way. (18:27) After, I ask Ray an early, but very important question: Do we need to draft a new back QB to avoid this happening again next year? (20:00 ) Then we end with a look towards Arizona! (25:15) What are your thoughts? Should we draft a new backup QB? How many games will win in the next four weeks during the “Garbage Bowls?” Let us know:


Week 6: Heartbreak in Lambeau (ep. 119)

Raymond Solis 1 makes his triumphant return The GoldCast this week! First up, Rudy and Ray recap the tough loss to the Packers. (00:00) We have an in-depth discussion about the CJ Beathard: the good, the bad, the frustrating. Then we go over Robert Saleh’s defense and ask the question on many people’s minds: Are we sure Robert Saleh is good? What are your thoughts? How do you feel about Robert Saleh’s play calling? Is CJ Beathard the real problem? Let us know:


Week 5: Beathard Soars... Niners Fall? (ep. 118)

Rudy Solis 3rd is back with special, first time guest David Nichols Jr. They discuss the wonky- and frustrating -game against the Cardinals. (00:00) They also go over: the mixed emotions Rams players have on your Fantasy team, what Beathard is missing, and look ahead to San Francisco at Green Bay! What are your thoughts, GoldCast Nation? What does Beathard need to do to take the next step? Do you have Rams Fantasy players? Are there any team’s players that refuse to draft? Let us know:


49ers & Rams: A tale of two teams... (ep. 117)

Rudy Solis 3rd is joined this week by Lewie Bartone to discuss the very different paths the 49ers and Rams’ seasons have gone thus far. First up, Rudy and Lewie discuss what being a 49ers/Rams fan means in the 2018 season and the definition of “Ugly Girlfriend Syndrome.” (00:00) They then go over a variety of topics: Rams Fantasy Value (13:20), Niners Nation Pessimism (20:15), and then look ahead to the NFC matchups: LAR@SEA, AZ@SF! What are your thoughts? Are you a 49ers pessimist now? Do you suffer from “Ugly Girlfriend Syndrome?” Let us know:


Week 3: Niners Nightmare: Jimmy G goes down... (ep. 116)

On today’s very sad edition of the GoldCast, Rudy Solis 3 recaps the Niners game against the Chiefs. He then goes over the Jimmy G injury and talks about what the Faithful’s job is for the rest of the season. What say you, GoldCast Nation? Is there any hope for the 49ers season? Let us know:

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Week 2: 49ers beat the Lions, Jimmy G.'s INTs, Niner Narratives (ep. 115)

BOOM! Rudy Solis 3rd is back with another solo mission pod! I discuss the narratives leading into the season: Jimmy G hype, 49ers status as a “dark horse” or a “sleeper”, followed by the narratives coming out of Week 1 and what to expect as we head into Week 3 of this season. What say you, GoldCast Nation? How will the 49ers fare against the Chiefs this week? Let us know:


Week 1 Recap: 49ers Fall to the Vikings (ep. 114)

Rudy Solis 3 and Ray Solis 1 recap the good, the bad and the ugly from a frustrating loss to the Vikings in the 49ers season opener. (00:00) Then they discuss the Rams game against the Raiders (16:55) and look ahead to Week 2 against the Lions! (22:25) What are your thoughts on Week 1? Do you feel we lost that game or that MIN took it from us? How do you feel about our chances next week against the Lions? Let us know: